One of the most important things I do as a U.S. Representative is help people who are experiencing problems with federal agencies.

However, in order to protect your privacy I require a completed privacy authorization form before any inquiries are made on your behalf.

There are three seperate forms. You need to use a unique form for Social Security related casework and immigration or passport issues. All other requests for assistance may use the general release form. Please call my office for assistance when filling out the privacy release form.

            For Social Security related casework download this form.
            For Immigration or Passport related casework download this form.
            For all other federal agencies download this form.

Please note that I cannot override the decisions made by a federal agency. However, I can often intervene on a person's behalf to answer questions, find solutions, or just cut through the red tape.

Below you will find a list of agencies that I can help you with.

Which agency do you need help with?

Education Department

Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Internal Revenue Service

Department of Labor



Office of Personnel Management

Passport Service

Postal Service

Social Security Administration

State Department - Visas

Department of Veterans Affairs