A Big Win in the California Water Wars

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President Trump signed a presidential memorandum that will significantly improve California's water supply, particularly in the San Joaquin Valley. The president's action will remove bureaucratic obstacles that will enable more water to be directed toward Valley farmers, families, and communities. Having watched the Valley's water crisis deepen for many years, I can say this is the most meaningful... Read more »

Another California water grab

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The California State Water Resources Control Board recently proposed a plan to increase unimpaired water flow requirements on the San Joaquin River. Simply put, this would divert even more water away from people in the guise of environmental protection. Touted as a plan to protect “beneficial water use,” this is simply a scheme to grab more water from California cities, farms, and industry. I rece... Read more »

Gov. Brown deploys the water police

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Governor Jerry Brown yesterday approved two new laws limiting water usage for Californians. Daily limits will begin at 55 gallons per person, later dropping to 50 gallons. As one California news report notes, "Fifty gallons are considered the minimum needed for health and safety." It further explains, "How consumers will meet the goals remains unknown. An eight-minute shower, for example, uses abo... Read more »

Water update

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The Bureau of Reclamation recently increased the water allocation for south-of-delta users from 40 percent to 45 percent. Any additional water in the Central Valley is welcome, and a 45 percent allocation is surely better than the zero allocation we were receiving not long ago. This increase comes amid another positive development, which is that most Valley water agencies and ag groups are now spe... Read more »

Senate's turn: House passes CA water bill

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The House of Representatives today passed a comprehensive water bill, the GROW Act (H.R. 23), that would resolve the perpetual water crisis in the San Joaquin Valley. Introduced by Rep. David Valadao, this legislation is vital for many Valley families and communities that are suffering from the debilitating effects of our water crisis. Although the Valley is still benefitting from our recent big r... Read more »

A premature victory dance by CA water agencies

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The recent storms in California have brought some relief to families and farmers suffering from the water crisis. Reservoirs are filling up for the first time in years, while the snowpack in the Sierra Nevadas has increased significantly. And yet, those who are rushing to declare an end to the crisis are acting on little besides hope. The problems that caused the crisis—laws and environmental reg... Read more »

Nunes Named to Trump Transition Team

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Congressman Devin Nunes (CA-22) released the following statement today after joining the executive committee of Donald Trump’s transition team: “Today I was honored to have been named to the executive committee of President-elect Donald Trump's transition team. In this role, I will advise President-elect Trump on the appointments of his Cabinet members and on appointments to other top positions in... Read more »

1 mln acres - the key number at my water forum

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I'd like to thank all my constituents who came to my water forum on Wednesday—with nearly a thousand people attending, the event was an extraordinary demonstration of our community's commitment to overcoming our government-made water crisis. As I argued at the forum, our best hope for resolving our 2.5 million acre-foot water shortfall is for our elected officials, ag groups, and water districts ... Read more »