A Big Win in the California Water Wars

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President Trump signed a presidential memorandum that will significantly improve California's water supply, particularly in the San Joaquin Valley. The president's action will remove bureaucratic obstacles that will enable more water to be directed toward Valley farmers, families, and communities. Having watched the Valley's water crisis deepen for many years, I can say this is the most meaningful...

Media stalks Nunes family again

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As you may have seen in recent news coverage, the mainstream media and left-wing activists have been harassing my wife, uncle, and even my 98-year-old grandmother. The latest attack is on my parents and my brother. You can read about it at this link.

Another California water grab

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The California State Water Resources Control Board recently proposed a plan to increase unimpaired water flow requirements on the San Joaquin River. Simply put, this would divert even more water away from people in the guise of environmental protection. Touted as a plan to protect “beneficial water use,” this is simply a scheme to grab more water from California cities, farms, and industry. I rece...

CNN goes nuts

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I spent the last few days touring Valley ag and businesses. Thank you to Mid-Valley Pipe and Supply, Kaweah Brewery, and the Minkler Cash Store for hosting me, as well as the growers who gave me a look at the current pistachio crop. A few pictures of my visits are below. While I was on some of these visits, CNN was trying to track me down. They seemed mystified why I was ignoring them but took the...

ABC30 FAKE and LIBERAL "Action News"

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I spent the day yesterday in Fresno, where I toured the Producers Dairy Food plant and had several other meetings and events. I'd especially like to thank the Fresno Chamber of Commerce for hosting a roundtable discussion. You can see some slides of my visit by clicking on the picture below: Unfortunately, the ABC 30 news network once again sent a reporter to ask me about wild accusations and Russ...

Senate's turn: House passes CA water bill

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The House of Representatives today passed a comprehensive water bill, the GROW Act (H.R. 23), that would resolve the perpetual water crisis in the San Joaquin Valley. Introduced by Rep. David Valadao, this legislation is vital for many Valley families and communities that are suffering from the debilitating effects of our water crisis. Although the Valley is still benefitting from our recent big r...

A premature victory dance by CA water agencies

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The recent storms in California have brought some relief to families and farmers suffering from the water crisis. Reservoirs are filling up for the first time in years, while the snowpack in the Sierra Nevadas has increased significantly. And yet, those who are rushing to declare an end to the crisis are acting on little besides hope. The problems that caused the crisis—laws and environmental reg...