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World War II Veteran Receives Purple Heart and Prisoner of War Medals Posthumously

Deceased Master Sergeant Edmund D’Arcy-Clarke honored at ceremony in Clovis

Washington, April 2, 2013 | Andrew House (202-225-2523)
Earlier today Congressman Devin Nunes (CA-22) presented Purple Heart and Prisoner of War medals to Mrs. D’Arcy-Clarke who accepted the awards on behalf of her deceased husband Master Sergeant Edmund D’Arcy-Clarke.

Master Sergeant Edmund T. D’Arcy-Clarke has been posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and Prisoner of War Medal for his service in World War II. He served from 1942 to 1963 and retired at the rank of Master Sergeant.

Following are remarks made by then Private D’Arcy-Clarke which were documented by the United States Army;

“Toward the end of the European campaign the Germans found it necessary to move the American prisoners westward in order to comply with the Geneva Convention Rules the Germans chose to have us move by marching. Since we had been following the Russian drive as closely as possible we realized that if we were to escape we would not have to go far to go and join friendly forces, en route we observed the actions of the guards and when the opportunity presented itself we moved out under the cover of an early morning fog. We were picked up the next day by civilian authorities and placed in a small jail cell. At noon we persuaded someone to let us out and we were off again. On the sixth day after initial effort we discovered that the front line had passed and that our goal had been achieved. I was taken to a Russian Hospital and later sent to Moscow and later sent to Odessa. A British ship then took us to Naples, Italy.”

-PVT Edmund D’Arcy-Clarke. 1946

Mrs. D’Arcy-Clarke had contacted Congressman Nunes following the death of her husband for assistance in obtaining his military records. During the inquiry, it was noted that Master Sergeant D’Arcy-Clarke was wounded at the time of his capture in 1943 and that his status as a POW had not been noted at the time of his retirement.

As a result of the inquiry, Congressman Nunes received the orders and certificate for Edmund D’Arcy-Clarke’s Purple Heart. It was also determined that the Master Sergeant was entitled to the Prisoner of War Medal for his period of captivity.

Ceremony Information
Consistent with tradition and Army regulation, awards and decorations should be presented with an appropriate degree of formality in a fitting ceremony. That ceremony was conducted by Congressman Nunes at the Clovis Veteran’s Memorial Building at 808 4th St, Clovis.