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Rep. Nunes Reacts to New California Water Restrictions

Calls on Gov. Brown to Reconsider House Water Bills

Congressmen Devin Nunes (CA-22) today released the following statement in reaction to California Governor Jerry Brown’s announcement that he would implement mandatory water restrictions throughout California:  

“California’s natural drought has not caused the water crisis in the Central Valley, where the irrigation system was built to withstand five consecutive years of drought. I’d prefer to see the crisis here solved by simply restoring our previous water flows, rather than flushing our water out into the ocean and then implementing intrusive water restrictions that will do little or nothing to solve the problem. Now that he has resorted to water rationing, I hope Governor Brown will reconsider his opposition to the bills passed by the House of Representatives over the last four years that would relieve the water crisis, and that he will begin cooperating with us on a solution.”

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